Summer 2013

It has been personally a rough transition watching the older children move up to Toddler I. Even though my heart knows they are ready, I miss them dearly. I find myself sneaking over just to watch them play on the playground, and occasionally sneak a couple hugs. It is amazing to see them exploring the new environments; it was time.

The beautiful transition in my classroom has been our babies, or more appropriately, your babies moving into leadership roles. They know our routines, they come over to the kitchen when they are hungry, they come to the changing area ready for clean diapers, and they also come to us read stories and sing songs! Montessori and the community built within each class room are beyond belief.

One thing I’m thankful for is the older children missing my sad garden this year. It was cold for a couple extra weeks this spring and amazingly hot right away. I had envisioned this wonderful garden for them to enjoy, perhaps next year it will be more productive. Our strawberry plants were our biggest success. I can hardly wait to try again!

Please remember to apply sunscreen and bugspray in the mornings as you are dressing your children.


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