Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye and Mrs. Jill

Fall is here!  The cooler weather is so nice.

Our Toddlers are collecting acorns for the squirrels and deer.  They are watching as the leaves turn beautiful colors.

In the classroom, we are continuing to work on our practical life skills. These works are fun and help with fine motor skills. Encourage these skills– transferring, pouring,and twee-zing —at home. There are many items in the kitchen that are available. Have fun with it!!!

Our silly Monsters are really cute!  The children love singing the song that goes with this.  They are also learning the planets and the song that goes with this lesson.

We are been having a great time coloring on the floor paper for the past few rainy days. See our beautiful creation below!

See a sneak peek of our Corn-Hole board!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!October 11  toddlers 002October 11  toddlers 007October 11  toddlers 021October 11  toddlers 027October 9, 2013  toddlers 160October 9, 2013  toddlers 223

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