Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye and Mrs. Karen

Hello Everyone!!  We have been very busy since coming back from our Winter Break! Everyone had a great rest!

Now that we are back to work, there has been so much happening! We have, first of all, grown several inches taller! Our ears are listening to many sounds that we hear around us. Our noses are smelling different scents, and our mouths are tasting different spices!

We are discussing and learning so much about dinosaurs. Our favorite is,,, of course, “T-Rex”!!!

We are reading many books too! Our basket books are Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott and Doggies by Sandra Boynton.

Our Practical Life works continue to be enjoyed. We are pouring and spooning beans, cutting paper with scissors, and coloring!

So much goes into how we work.  Each child’s work is to choose what he/she wants to work. Then, he takes the work from the of the shelf and places it onto a table or a Montessori rug.  At this point, he then works the work as directed by a lesson given to him.  When he has completed his work, everything will be put away to its identified place in the classroom.  This process is amazing to watch!  As you might know, this is a time for complete focus and concentration!!  When all is finished, a big smile emerges from the child!!!!  The smile is especially from the heart when we see a Toddler do this for the first time!!!


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