Toddler 2 Ms Kaye, Mrs.Jill and Mary Catherine(Me Me)

Sunshine…Please stay!!!   Running, jumping, climbing, sliding, and playing in our beach weather is what makes us happy.

We continue to work with Practical Skills.  Cutting with scissors is a fun, yet difficult, fine motor skill. Practicing our Practical Life  Skills develop strength used for using a utensil, buttoning and zipping, threading beads, tying shoes, and many more tasks critical for writing and other activities in kindergarten.

We are learning about famous artists.  We have discussed and drawn our own rendition of Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night.  We are also learning about Monet, Picasso, DaVinci, and Michelangelo!

Our friend, Rett, has given the class a special surprise.  We now have Neon Yellow Shrimp from SE Asia!  We are watching them grow!  Soon he and his Dad will add  tadpoles for us  to watch. We are very excited!

Our Language and Math skills are coming along.  We are still excited about learning the letter sounds!

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