Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye, Mrs. Jill and Mary Catherine(MeMe)

Our Toddler Children are the BEST!!!  Laughter, smiles, some tears and “me… me…mine” moments truly make up this wonderful time in a two to three year old child.  They open their hearts to share their true love for learning.  They can also open their mouths to share the truth!

They learn to help, share, communicate and converse with their friends. They learn it is OK to ask questions. Their focus and concentration on a work is beautiful to watch as they are enthralled with what is before them. And most of all… they just want to be loved and respected.  We, as adults, must respect their sense of order and their need for consistency.

We have had the best year!!   They have worked diligently to learn  colors, shapes, numbers, and letter sounds.  Practical Life skills have flourished   The children appear so grown up as they carry on conversations with each other.  We thank you, our parents, for sharing these beautiful children with us!!

We will miss those who are ready to move into the Primary classes. We are also going to miss our very special friends, Ms. Jill and Mary Catherine.  Jill  will be  moving back to her hometown of Akron, New York.  She is excited about her move but has said many times she will miss us and the beautiful beach!  Mary Catherine will be moving up to the Primary classes, as she is going to school to get her Montessori certification!

Everyone have a wonderful and fun summer!!!May 2014 002May 2014 004May 2014 006May 2014 019May 2014 023May 2014 027May 2014 029May 2014 044May 2014 024May 2014 048

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