Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye, Mrs. Jill, and Miss Mary Catherine(MeMe)

November is a beautiful month!  The children are noticing the different colors of the leaves and the acorns that are falling from our trees!  We have seen many fall,  but not on anyone’s head yet!!

This week, we finished painting our pumpkins and have turned them into Turkeys!  We are singing our Thanksgiving songs and Mrs. Jill is reading many books!!  Mrs. Keely is continuing to teach Spanish and “MeMe”  is speaking Spanish to the children in the classroom!  The children appear happy to learn as much as they can!

We have added corn spooning, kernel corn picking,  bubble stirring and pouring water works, and glitter shaving cream painting to our Practical Life.  We are very busy!!!

Have a beautiful week!!



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