Toddler 2 Update

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Our Toddler class year is almost over. This year seems to have flown by. Your children have grown in so many ways and will continue to be the beautiful children they are! I love each of them and know they they look forward to being in the “BIG” class next year.

I have seen their eyes open with delight as they have discovered themselves, their peers and all works around them. Building giant towers, pouring water that makes bubbles, hearing and learning sounds around them, and learning to take care of themselves, their friends and their environment are life lessons that will be with them forever.

Enjoy them! They are gifts that are given to us as parents and teachers to love, nurture, and guide.

Realize how incredible they are as they explore, learn and yes, even test us!

Thanks to all parents, who have been supportive throughout the year, as we have worked together to give your child a Montessori education that I believe rivals no other. You are the best!!

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