Upcoming Thanksgiving Feast


My favorite school community activity is next week. It is our Annual Community Thanksgiving Feast, scheduled for 11:30 Tuesday November 22. You are welcome to pick your child up and take them to join many of our Montessori Families at our amphitheater. Should you need to return to work Tuesday after the feast, you are welcome to bring them back to class. It may be a good idea to bring a pick nick blanket or chairs to enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast.

I’m hoping by this time you have seen the Sign Up Genius email requesting contributions. This has traditionally been a potluck type of event. Our class has been asked to provide a salad from each family. It could be any type of salad, a fresh green salad, potato, pasta, even fruit salad is great. The salads need not be any larger than what you would serve for 6-8 people.

Thank you Jess Thaxton, for offering to be our room parent for this event. Each classroom parent typically provides a prepared turkey for the feast.

I am also grateful for the opportunity we had to meet for parent teacher conferences. I know all of you are busy. Thank you.

The last note I have is a request to label all of your child’s bottles and food daily. I know it seems tedious. If something is not labeled we are required by DSS to throw it away. We try to label any missed items as they come in each morning, but it is getting difficult to keep up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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